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    There is often more to the story than the physical symptoms we can feel or see. Our cells remember EVERYTHING! Any past trauma, whether physical or emotional, can create blockages within the body and prevent your body from functioning properly. This can present itself through pain/inflammation, stress/anxiety, etc. Now we are able to see these mind-body connections, see things in the environmental or diet that can be affecting our energy field and even see imbalances in our chakras

  • Steps To Optimal Health

    As Easy As One, Two, Three

    Total Body Scan

    Non-Invasive Scan

    Scans Entire Body Field


    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

    Stimulate Healing


    Imprinted Water-Based Remedy

    Correct Body's Misinformation

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    Foundational biofeedback full body scan, background assessment, scan reports, and 4 bottles of the recommended infoceuticals.
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  • Common Questions

    Findings That Get Results

    How soon until I can see results?

    Some people/pets have had relief of some symptoms after the first session. Most will take at least 3 to 4 sessions for the permanent changes to be made and for the body to start healing itself.

    How often do the scans need to be performed?

    You want to be doing the scans monthly for optimal results. You can do them more frequently if needed, but at least once a month.

    Will the scan and biofeedback session hurt my pet?

    The process is 100% non-invasive. The scanning device scans the body field in a matter of seconds and the biofeedback session is delivered via pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and works to correct distortions within the energy field.

    Are essential oils dangerous for my pet?

    As with adding any new natural therapy, there is a potential for an adverse reaction. Any essential oil or supplement recommendations will be made with your pet's specific health needs in mind. We will also discuss proper dilution and which essential oils or supplements to avoid.